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The media information of SEAS4ALL will be made available in this section.

Italy. National coverage in the RAI


SEAs4ALL is an Erasmus+ project promoting ‘Successful Educational Actions for Inclusion and Social Cohesion’ (SEAs) in England, Cyprus, Italy and Catalonia. SEAs are innovative pedagogical strategies that have been shown to improve social cohesion, inclusion and attainment, and to reduce early school leaving. Based on Flecha’s principles of dialogic learning, SEAs are in use in over 600 schools in Europe and Latin America…

United Kingdom

Programme: ERASMUS + 2015 Spain Title Project: Schools as Learning Communities in Europe: Successful Educational Actions for all (SEAS4ALL) Record Number: 2015-1-ES01-KA201-016327 Start date: 2015-12-15 End date: 2017-12-14 Duration: 24 months Institution: University of Barcelona. Community of Research on Excellence for all (CREA) Programme Funding: 118.315€