Programme: ERASMUS + 2015 Spain
Title Project: Schools as Learning Communities in Europe: Successful Educational Actions for all (SEAS4ALL)
Record Number: 2015-1-ES01-KA201-016327
Start date: 2015-12-15 End date: 2017-12-14
Duration: 24 months Institution: University of Barcelona. Community of Research on Excellence for all (CREA)
Programme Funding: 118.315€

SEAS4ALL «Schools as Learning Communities in Europe: Successful Educational Actions for all», will contribute to the transferability of the Successful Educational Actions (SEAs) to European educational centres.

The Integrated Project of the 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission «INCLUD-ED: Strategies for inclusion and social cohesion in Europe from Education» (FP6 2006-2011) identified the Successful Educational Actions (SEAs) that contributed most to improve educational results and coexistence in the schools. SIOR «Social impact open repository» (FP7 IMPACT-EV 2014-2017) gathers several evidences, published in impact journals, on the social impact of the SEAs and about the results of INCLUD-Ed with regards to the objectives of Horizon 2020. In this sense the evidences show that SEAs increase both the Educational success as well as the social inclusion and contribute to reducing absenteeism and early school leaving and increase school performance.

SEAS4ALL will transfer to Europe the results of INCLUD-ED and the experience of more than 20 years implementing Learning Communities (LE) in 8 countries worldwide (Spain, Brasil, Mexico, Perú, Guatemala, Chile, Argentina and Colombia). In this entire trajectory, SAE have demonstrated that they: (a) increase the efficiency of learning, that is to say that students acquire the necessary instrumental tools to live included in the current society (basic and transversal skills); and (b) generate equity since all the student body learns more and those in a disadvantaged situation acquire the basic and necessary knowledge. Drawing on Dialogic Learning (DL) (Flecha, 1997) all students improve their performances, while their academic expectations are raised, securing their continuation in the school. SAE also (c) increase social cohesion, coexistence, and the participation of the community in the educational activities which allows to give to all students high quality learning opportunities.



  • To promote the development, transfer and application of SEAs and LC among European schools in collaboration with universities and regional government.
  • To implement SEAs in European schools.
  • To establish the first network of Schools as Learning Communities and implementing SEAs in Europe.
  • To provide a structure, materials and skills for the participating countries to promote SEAs and LC in a sustainable way

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